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Vitals Monitoring

Keep an eye on your most vulnerable patients and respond to events as they happen.

The Importance Of Vitals Monitoring And Its Benefits For Healthcare Professionals

Monitor and be alerted when events occur, such as restlessness, leaving of a occupants bed, leaving a chair in a communal space, spending too much time in a bathroom and more.

Specify what events should be monitored and alerted to, select events only relevant to chosen situations, so that you are only notified when these specific events occur.

Review events after they occur via video footage, all events are logged on an easy to use platform to help you review what happened, who was there, and how it occurred

Our Patient Monitoring AI Tech Simplifies Healthcare By Providing All Tools In One Place. No Unreliable Wearables, Rapid Alerts For Proactive, Bespoke Care. AI-Powered Insights Enable Informed Decisions And Better Patient Outcomes

Real Time Alerts

Customise your needs

Save & Log All Data

Vitals Monitoring With The Help Of Advanced Technology

What Can Our Patient Monitoring Technology Achieve?

  • Tracks five key parameters such as Location, Posture Motion, Respiration & Heart Rate.
  • Tracks respiratory distress, hyperventilation or apnea.
  • Intent to get out of bed or chair.
  • Sleep quality monitoring – length of sleep.
  • Pressure ulcer risk monitoring.
  • Complete respiratory pattern analysis.

Stay In Control And Always Be Ready, Our Systems Are Designed To Work

Alpha Lifecare provides a top-tier Wellness and Prevention care system designed for patients of all types living independently in their own homes or care facilities. The system employs machine learning algorithms to learn the individual’s daily activities, enabling it to identify potential health issues and detect acute situations like falling or respiratory distress, generating alerts to prompt timely intervention.

Our Patient Monitoring System Offers Non-Invasive And Non-Wearable Technology For Preventive Care And Emergency Detection.

With the assistance of EchoCare, we’re empowering the digitization and improvement of operations in hospitals, care homes, nursing homes, and various healthcare institutions through our advanced outpatient monitoring system. This innovative system enables healthcare providers to deliver more effective and efficient healthcare services. Download our brochure below to learn more.

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