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Fall Prevention & Detection

Detect and prevent falls before they occur with powerful Artificial Intelligence.

The importance of Fall Prevention and its benefits for healthcare professionals

  • Falls prevention & detection AI can help detect falls earlier than traditional methods, reducing the risk of serious injuries and complications.
  • A healthcare provider can prevent further injury by detecting falls early and providing medical attention as soon as they are detected.
  • Early detection can help reduce healthcare costs associated with falls-related injuries and complications, which are a major cause of injury and hospitalisation.

Our AI-Powered Healthcare Solution Ensures Everything That You Need To Look After Your Patients Is In One Place. We’ve Removed Unreliable Wearable Devices And Added Tools For Rapid Alerting So That Healthcare Can Be As Proactive And Bespoke As Possible

Fall Prevention And Monitoring

24/7 Preventative Monitoring

No Wearables Or Sensors

Fall Prevention With The Help Of Digital Angel

Digital Angel Optical

  • Allows more time for hands on care where and when it is needed most
  • 50% reduction in falls within the first 6 months post deployment
  • 71% reduction in observation activity
  • Non-intrusive monitoring offering fast response
  • Artificial intelligence to monitor human activity
  • Monitors in-room activity 24/7
  • Customised to each resident and care requirements
  • Scalable – it can be activated in all or just selected rooms
  • Common areas can also be monitored

Using optical sensors, the Digital Angel™ software will identify human activity to alert support staff when falls and other events occur. This system allows for 24/7 in-room monitoring to ensure incidents are swiftly responded to and potential incidents averted.

For example, when an ‘event’, such as movement in an at-risk resident’s room, a fall, or a prolonged occupancy of an en-suite bathroom occurs, an alarm is triggered and an alert is automatically sent to the care team. This enables assessment and appropriate action to be taken as quickly as possible.


Care & Comfort

  • In and out of bed detection with notifications.
  • Active assistance through links: calendar, medication reminders, exercises.
  • Monitors vital sign parameters.
  • Sleep reporting.
  • For assisted living facilities: dashboard and link to healthcare record.
  • At home: user-friendly & intuitive app for trusted contacts.


  • 24/7 guardian angel.
  • Fall detection
  • Fall prevention: soft lighting when getting in and out of bed.
  • Fall prediction.
  • Circadian rhythm: temperature of lights adapting to the time of day.
  • Hands-free. two-way communication with family, friends and caregivers.
  • Alarm function with front door release.

Allows More Time For Hands On Care Where And When It Is Needed Most

Digital Angel Optical uses optical sensors to actively analyse activity within rooms.

Digital Angel Radar


Digital Angel Radar has multiple patents registered in the United States and under process in Europe.

Highly Acccurate

Our robust solution enables continuous monitoring of seniors, enhancing providers’ decision-making abilities, thanks to very high quality detection capabilities.

Safe And Secure

Emits radio frequency energy levels that are 1,000x lower than a cellphone. The system complies with requirements for the processing and storage of personal health information.

Powered B y AI

The system’s AI engine determines when an emergency or abnormal situation occurs, and immediately alerts the care provider. The system also employs machine learning to identify deviations from normal patterns, by monitoring physical activities, home usage, sleep quality and walking profile.

Superior Coverage

One device provides unprecedented coverage of up to 40 sq m/430 sq feet. In certain cases, it can even penetrate internal walls. Additional devices may be used to monitor larger homes.

Emergency Situations

  • Falls
  • Bathroom emergencies
  • Respiratory distress
  • Wandering

Abnormal Situations

  • Out of bed or home
  • Prolonged stay In bedroom or bathroom
  • Social isolation

Preventitive Monitoring

  • Health deterioration
  • Fall prevention
  • Sleep quality
  • Cognitive and physiological decline

Tracking Daily Activities

Digital Angel Optical’s advanced radar-based technology continuously tracks give essential body indicators and learns the senior’s daily activities, facilitating recognition of emergencies and changes in behavior – both physical and cognitive – that might indicate health deterioration.





Heart Rate

Real time Data at your fingertips

Senior Living and Care providers have access to the Digital Optical Radar dashboard via web and mobile apps. All data may be easily integrated into 3rd party systems for seamless access and control. System modifications, personalization and upgrades are managed by remote download.

Less Sensors, More Care

Get to know more about Fall Prevention & Detection.

Introducing Digital Angel ™

Technology that prevents falls and improves operations

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