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Managed Infrastructure

Providing proactive end-point monitoring and response to your mission-critical IT infrastructure across on-premise and cloud deployments.

Ensure Optimal Performance And Reliability Of Your IT Infrastructure With Our Proactive Managed Services

Our team monitors and responds to your on-premise or cloud hosted mission-critical IT infrastructure and selected end-points for day-to-day operational monitoring and alert management.

We deploy our standard operational monitoring and response framework into your core infrastructure, alerting us when something goes wrong to review, diagnose and resolve the problem. From network devices, virtual machines, on-premise servers to physical security devices and selected key end-points, we monitor automatically and respond when something’s gone wrong.

Exceptional response is built-in with every service we provide keeping you in the loop of operational impact and expected resolution.

Australia And New Zealand

We support our customers across Australia and New Zealand, providing resources for installation, commissioning and support.

Device Agnostic

From on-premise devices to cloud hosted resources, we can monitor uptime and data of most IP based devices.

Budget Friendly

Pricing based on the demands of each site and resources to be managed. No hidden fees, no surprises.

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