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Standard Quote Terms and Conditions

All quotations provided by Alpha Lifecare are merely an invitation for the provision of goods and services to the Buyers’ project specification and shall not give rise to any contract between the parties, unless agreed to proceed.

Alpha Lifecare Reserves The Right To Vary Or Withdraw A Quotation At Any Time Prior To The Dispatch Of Goods Or Services To The Buyer, Before Or Acceptance.

The Buyer must notify Alpha Lifecare of their acceptance of this quote within twenty-eight (28) days of the date on the quote by means of a purchase order by email unless an expiry date is specifically noted on the quote in which event the expiry date on the quote takes precedence. The Buyer shall provide Alpha Lifecare with a purchase order detailing the specifications for goods or services to be supplied, on receipt of the purchase order, either verbally or physically by email. The Buyer may not alter or modify the purchase order without the written consent of Alpha Lifecare.

All questions or concerns should be directed to your Alpha Lifecare account executive, otherwise email [email protected] for additional information.

  • Prices and offers are subject to change and availability, this includes currency exchange rates.
  • Prices presented within pricing tables are ex. GST.
  • All warranties are in accordance with manufacturers warranties.
  • The goods remain in the title and property of Alpha Lifecare until fully paid and accounts settled.
  • All goods being returned for warranty purposes must includes a description of the problem, location where installed and proof of purchase from Alpha Lifecare.
  • Alpha Lifecare will not handle any warranty claims for any damaged goods caused by misuse or improper handling.
  • Inform [email protected] when payments have been made including remittance.
  • Orders will not be processed fully until all monies have been cleared.
  • If forex fluctuates by more than 1.5%, Alpha Lifecare reserves the right to adjust pricing within any quotations.
  • If related to Verkada products and services, Verkada’s end user agreement and terms of service applies.

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