Nurse Call 

Improve patient to staff communication with the worlds most advanced IP based Nurse Call system

The importance of Nurse Call and its benefits for healthcare professionals

  • Nurse call systems provide patients with a quick and easy way to summon assistance in case of an emergency, increasing safety.

  • Nurse call system allows patients to communicate with their caregivers easily, conveying important information and receiving prompt responses.

  • A nurse call system can make patients more comfortable and secure in their healthcare environment by ensuring that assistance is always available if needed.

Nurse Call is always on call when you need help..

Optimising Healthcare Management

NurseCare aims to streamline healthcare operations by digitising work processes in medical facilities, resulting in cost optimisation, reduced workload for healthcare staff, and improved quality and effectiveness of healthcare services.

Advanced IP Technology

NurseCare stands out as the sole nurse call system in the market that integrates an emergency nurse call system, healthcare management, and nursing documentation into a single device.

Compatible With Any Organisation

NurseCare can be installed in any existing or new building and can be connected to existing nurse call systems of any brand.

Advanced IP Nurse Call Systems

  • ID protected & presence acknowledgment
  • Emergency calling
  • Assistance calling
  • Setting reminders for nurses
  • Display of calls from other rooms
  • Speech connection from to other rooms
  • Logging of call data
  • High security certification

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

  • Enables calls for patient/resident regardless of location
  • Waterproof accessories 
  • Provides location of the patient or residents
  • Integration with wireless sensors
  • Advanced reporting
  • Scalable –  it can be activated in selected rooms and for selected patients

iNurse – Smartphone App For Nurses

  • See list of active nurses​
  • See list of nurse locations​
  • Respond to nurse calls
  • Mute nurse calls
  • Communicate with nurses/patients
  • Integrated SIP (communication between nurses on iNurse and within rooms – NurseTab)

Security & Identification For Nurses (Nursetag)

  • Call assistance​
  • Reseting wristband calls
  • Waterproof
  • Battery lasts more than two years​
  • Provides location of nurse
  • Provides identification of nurse

Keep your patients and care providers connected with the most technically advanced systems. 

With the help of Caretronic, we’re enabling the digitisation and enhancement of processes in hospitals, care homes, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions, our intelligent nurse call system facilitates better and more efficient healthcare services. Download the brochure below to learn more.

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