Healthcare monitoring & analytics

Empowering safer and improved levels of care within  healthcare environments, enabling;

  • improved fall and incident prevention outcomes using scalable AI-enabled innovation.
  • customised care to suit the needs of the patient or consumer of your services.
  • integration with primary health systems for rapid alerting and care improvement programs. 
AI is actively integrating into healthcare processes supporting their patient analytics journey, providing proactive systems of care that deliver proven results and continuous improvement across safety and operations.

Provide proactive care where and when it’s needed most. Real-time healthcare monitoring innovation designed for modern healthcare organisations looking to improve patient and resident safety and care whilst also enhancing operational efficiencies and gaining valuable data to drive further improvements

Fall prevention and monitoring

24/7 Preventative Monitoring

No Wearables
or Sensors

What is Digital Angel?

  • Allows more time for hands on care where and when it is needed most
  • 50% reduction in falls within the first 6 months post deployment
  • 71% reduction in observation activity
  • Non-intrusive monitoring offering fast response
  • Artificial intelligence to monitor human activity
  • Monitors in-room activity 24/7
  • Customised to each resident and care requirements
  • Scalable – it can be activated in all or just selected rooms
  • Common areas can also be monitored

Using optical sensors (which are small form cameras), the Digital Angel™ software will identify human activity to alert support staff when falls and other events occur. This system allows for 24/7 in-room monitoring to ensure incidents are swiftly responded to and potential incidents averted.

For example, when an event, such as movement in an at-risk resident room, a fall or a prolonged period in an en-suite occurs, an alarm is triggered and an alert is sent to the care team platform to enable assessment and appropriate action to be taken.

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