Environment monitoring (including vape detection)

Prioritise safety through environment monitoring – track noise, air quality levels & more

Our partners benefit from:

  • Scalable safety solutions, customisable for warehouses, server rooms, cold storage, and bathrooms
  • Reliable detection of vaping and other hazardous chemicals – ideal for schools, warehouses, and healthcare facilities
  • Real-time data-driven insights and automatic responses around temperature, air quality, TVOC/ .5 and humidity to open/ close, and noise (dB) 
  • Limited downtime due to reduced risk, with threshold alerting to prevent safety breaches
The unique sensor capabilities enable scalable monitoring of environments across a cloud-connected, secure distributed edge architecture to power multi-purpose real-time monitoring and analytics

Understand trends and real-time changes across your environments. Prevent down-time of business critical assets, improve safety and well-being of your people and consumers.

Data Driven Insights

24/7 monitoring for data rich insights & analytics

Proactive Alerting

Real-time changes and threshold alerting

Scalable and Secure

Unlimited scalability thanks to cutting-edge tech

Accuracy Matters

Broad range of sensor readings including vaping


Deploy IoT sensors within private settings such as bathrooms and change rooms for vaping detection, improving safety and eliminating problematic practices across the campus.


Monitor temperatures within refrigerated and cold storage.


Protect employee health with air quality and noise monitoring.

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