Improve patient safety in healthcare with unique fall prevention technology, cloud-based networking enabling real time monitoring and data providing valuable information to fuel innovation and greater efficiencies

Ultimately we are making lives better for management, clinicians and carers as well as patients and consumers.

Our mission Is to deliver world-class innovative technology which improves resident safety and experience whilst also supporting your team in enhancing operational efficiencies.

We can’t promise to solve all your challenges but we can promise that we will use our technology:
  • to help you prevent falls and monitor resident activity to bring both them and their families greater peace of mind
  • to give your teams the tools to improve the care they provide
  • to provide leadership with a platform that provides valuable business Information to aid reporting and decision making to fuel growth and innovation.

Our suite of solutions enable you to manage and monitor safety, your service quality and operational effectiveness in a more cohesive and streamlined way.


We know that the aged care sector is growing more and more complex and challenging, the plethora of options for technology solutions can be overwhelming and hard to navigate, which is where we come in.


The technology we use not only addresses your safety, compliance and operational needs it also enables you & your consumers to have confidence in the security of the systems and the data within it.


We then use our deep and extensive technology expertise to develop and deploy solutions to suit your needs. It’s also scalable, so we can start with a trial in one facility and then roll out across the whole group.

What it will do.

Enable you to prevent falls, reduce resourcing pressures relating to consumer safety and monitoring and significantly improve operational effectiveness, with analytics to back that up.

How we do it.

We work with you based on our understanding of the sector and your specific needs to develop a tailored solution and project roll out to suit you and your team.

Get to know more about our Digital Angel solution…..

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Smart, safe and innovative AI powered technology is preventing falls and improving operations 

“Prior to using Digital Angel by Alpha Global, we were reliant on traditional technology such as floor mats – but that didn’t work for us and still resulted in too many instances of resident injury and we knew there had to be a better solution out there.”

  David Cox | Managing Director – Curtin Heritage

We have deployed world class solutions across a range of industry leaders.

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