Loss prevention, safety & security at work

Creating safer workplaces, reducing loss and protecting company assets with scalable innovation by leveraging AI technology

Reduce shrinkage, improve safety and drive business operations with confidence 

  • access to our expert consultants for planning, design and deployment of modern security stacks
  • strengthen your physical security footprint to protect valuable assets, including employees and customers
  • gain valuable insights into your workplace security, trends and analytics 
Modern organisations are empowering themselves and their teams using our physical security experience and services to help design and deploy innovation focussed security systems and analytics. 

Quickly identify and respond to meaningful events when and where they matter most. Intelligent devices work in synergy, enabling stakeholders to make informed and actionable decisions with modern physical security innovation and services.

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Enterprise Consulting

Planning, design and project scoping tailored to your specific needs

Professional Services

Turn-key commissioning, installation and training, alleviating resourcing pressures 

Leading Innovation

AI analytics for fast response and fuelling proactive innovations

Compelling    TCO

Our solutions are scoped to offer excellent total cost of ownership benefits


Reduce loss, speed up investigations, gain analytics and scale  security operations across the organisation with  AI-enabled solutions designed for your environment


Improve the safety of staff, patients and consumers


Protect valuable assets, improve safety, manage security compliance

Our mission is to create safer workplaces, increase business resilience and drive success with meaningful data that only leading technology can provide

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International retailer rolls out AI centred security and business data platform successfully

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We have deployed world class solutions across a range of industry leaders.