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Find out how they switched from a legacy security system which not only reduced incidents but also saved the whole team time and the college money

“Looking through footage on our previous system took hours. We requested a quote to implement face recognition from our incumbent provider to improve the search experience and received a six figure quote.” 


Peter Yeates
IT Manager | Padua College QLD 

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Padua College is a leading Independent Catholic Boy’s Day School based in Brisbane, with students across years five to 12 with three campuses including an outdoor adventure centre located in a rural location over 60 minutes drive from the school.

Within the high-quality facilities at their near-CBD campus in Kedron, the sporting fields in Banyo and Outdoor Education Facility in the Noosa Hinterland, Padua offers young men an environment in which to pursue academic excellence and express themselves through co-curricular activities including music, choir and performance, debating and public speaking, chess, and community service.

With a legacy security system that was in need of an upgrade the team were looking for an effective solution that wouldn’t break the bank!

The Challenge

Padua College were operating with a legacy system that was an industrial style which didn’t suit the school environment.

It had been added to over the years, a range of cameras from old analogue that were plugged into a network connector to have them on the network.

Old cameras were less than 720p, 360p most likely, quality wasn’t perfect especially at night.

One of the down sides of the old system was the time-consuming nature of viewing footage and lack of time stamping as well as the quality of images.  When the team came to look at upgrading their current system it was double the cost of the Verkada and Alpha Global solution.

Why Alpha Global?

“The team at Alpha Global took the time to understand our needs, have been flexible when we needed and ultimately been true partners for us to get this project  through from scoping, securing budget sign off with the board, initial and ongoing implementation.”

Peter Yeates | IT Manager | Padua College QLD

Scalable / phased approach

The team started off with an on-campus trial. Which meant they were able to turn on some of the features that allowed them to experience the full scale of the solution in their own environment. 

Cost effective

We did a bit of a cost analysis over a five-year time period, over that period it came out that Verkada was going to be pretty much cost neutral, over 10-year warranty period it was definitely cost neutral.”   Peter 

Remote access

The cloud based system allowed greater access and better response times. The team can now remotely monitor their outdoor activity centre which is over 60 minutes from their main campus.

Ease of use across multiple user groups

There have been “huge wins” for pastoral care teachers. Just mentioning there is footage of an incident can immediately takes the heat / tension out of conversations with students and parents.
With the ability to provide remote and specific user level access the College have empowered staff to check footage simply and easily themselves which has meant the IT team have claimed back almost 1 FTE for other projects.

Secure AND accurate incident investigation

Teachers and pastoral staff are now able to gather much higher quality data in a far quicker timeframe to investigate and resolve incidents.

Ease of installation and upgrade

“One of the benefits is that the software upgrades are built into Verkada. That is a real plus. The technology itself ticks a lot of the boxes.”  Peter Yeates, Padua College

Ongoing operational benefits

“It is going to be very light touch once the full project has been implemented which will make my life much easier.”
We have put in cabling for future cameras and Phase 2 is going to allow us to further strengthen our capacity to monitor security across all of our campuses and to add the vape detection sensors into the mix.”  Peter Yeates, Padua College

Board stakeholders and sign off

At a board level there were concerns around compliance and cost efficiencies.  Along with the robustness of the technology and the RoI achieved with the 10 year warranty it made the decision making process and support from the board far easier.

Final Takeaway

“We are a bit of an early adopter in the innovation space. I can see once word gets out that other schools will be very keen to implement this technology it really is able to grow with us as well as being relevant and effective right now. ”

Peter Yeates | IT Manager | Padua College

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