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Find out how Medilogic partnered with Alpha Global to deploy enterprise networking and physical security technology to support their warehousing and operations teams

Medilogic Australia

“Our success has been built upon customer service. Every transaction with a customer is an opportunity to go above and beyond and really demonstrate our experience within the medical supply industry. We will continue to build meaningful relationships with our customers and provide the best products and service expected from us.”

David Craddock | Director | Medilogic

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Medilogic are dedicated to bringing the most advanced in medical technologies from across the globe to the hands of Australian medical professionals. Our passion for innovation and pursuit of excellence is at the core of everything we do from product development to operational processes.

With over 100,000 products in stock and backed up by our industry leading service, Medilogic is rapidly becoming the supplier of choice for Medical Centres, Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals and other Healthcare Specialties Australia wide.

In 2020, Medilogic continued growth resulted in upgrading their warehouse and admin operations, the group purchased a new warehouse located in Sydney, New South Wales with the intent of further upgrading system processes and order fulfillment requirements.

The Challenge

Medilogic’s new warehouse facility introduced a range of challenges from a technology perspective, mostly due to the pallet racking and heavy use of metal containers – making wireless connectivity for handheld devices a key focus area.

The organisation also has a responsibility to secure the premises with modern physical security technology as they store medical supplies and class b drugs (such as medical morphine).

Network Design and Physical Security Consulting

Alpha Global consulted with Medilogic to design a secure, reliable and high-performing Cisco Meraki network that meet the business’s demands of ensuring cloud connectivity to their ERP was reliable whilst ensuring roaming warehouse devices remained connected at all times to the wireless network.

“As orders are automatically entered into our ERP from a range of sources, it was imperative that warehouse operations were receiving a constant steam of order details for fulfilment purposes without delays. In the past, we have had problems with mobile devices disconnecting from the wireless network which resulted in delayed orders to customers – we were focused on ensuring this problem was eliminated and we knew investment into enterprise-grade technology would stop this from happening.”  Jay Craddock | Head of Operations | Medilogic

Securing Assets and Improving Safety

Considering the type of stock supplied onsite, focus was given to ensure the warehouse facility, drug storage and admin offices were secured in terms of surveillance and access control.

A solution was required that enabled a proactive approach to dealing with physical security related incidents, rather than being reactive. Traditional physical security platforms were not robust and scalable enough and often resulted in false-positives. AI was leveraged to support analytical functionality such as people recognition, vehicle and license plate.

Why Alpha Global?

“Alpha Global worked with us to ensure our requirements were considered when we selected a network and physical security technology stack. It was important to us to ensure we were planning for the future and not investing into technology that would be redundant within a year – David Craddock (Director)”

David Craddock
Director,  Medilogic
Purpose Built Enterprise Technology

Alpha Global provided consulting services to Medilogic to design, commission and support the organizations goal of focusing on the customer journey and expand their innovation stacks. Technology was selected that enabled;

  • Supported continued growth and scalability, to new and existing sites.
  • Cloud-based management without having to deploy onsite servers.
  • Hardware warranties that exceeded beyond 5-years for capex control.
Cisco Meraki Hybrid Cloud Networking

Cisco Meraki was selected to secure wireless connectivity, scalability and management. Cisco Meraki meet the requirements of the harsh industrial environment that supported the heavy user/device usage and IoT devices using the latest wifi6 protocols.

Configuration changes could be made remotely when required and an emphasis on network and physical security is now in place.

  • Installation of wifi6 access points for reliability and performance across the warehouse.
  • Redundant network design for automatic failover using fibre connectivity.
  • Redundant WAN connectivity across fixed fibre and wireless.
  • Security appliance to monitor and support cyber security for all WAN traffic.
Verkada Hybrid Cloud Physical Security

With the introduction of smart surveillance technology, Alpha Global commissioned a hybrid-cloud physical security solution that introduced new levels of security, investigation and safety auditing capabilities.

Verkada is the first edge-based physical security technology designed for industrial settings with inbuilt AI capabilities that removes the need for servers or onsite NVRs. This scalable technology is easy to deploy and manage, and integrates sensors, access control and guest management into a single pane of glass. Medilogic use the technology to secure the complex and improve safety.

  • People and vehicle analytics enable faster investigations where needed.
  • Easily scales as the organisation grows, a single secure dashboard.
  • Low-bandwidth server-less solution with periodic software updates.
  • Improves complex security and safety operations from the cloud.

Final Takeaway

Alpha Global implemented a range of cloud-based technologies that exceeded Medilogic’s immediate requirements. The company was attracted to the solutions being highly scalable as the business grows, without the need for onsite servers or additional supporting equipment. Expanding the network or additional physical security devices becomes easy as plug and play – a capability that saves costs from a labor or maintenance perspective. Being a secure cloud-based technology, the organization is meeting it’s physical security license requirements and the Cisco network is allowing the organisation to now review future technologies such as robotics.

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