Why Nobi?

Nobi combines optical care sensors and artificial intelligence 
to help detect and prevent falls in aged care facilities.

Fall Detection

Within care facilities, Nobi has been proven to detect and render assistance to a fall within 90 seconds.

Fall Prevention

The lamp within Nobi lights up whenever a patient is getting in or out of bed.

Cough Monitoring

Nobi can detect coughing patterns, alerting healthcare providers if problems are detected.

Preventative Care

Notifications are sent to care providers when a patient has removed themselves from their room or bed.

Circadian Rhythm

Light adjusts itself according to the time of day, maintaining a healthy daily rhythm.

Remote Door Unlocking

If the door is locked, a contact can allow care givers or first responders access to the home or room.

See how it works

In an era where the ageing population is rapidly growing, a demand for cutting-edge technologies to support elderly care has never seemed more important than today, but with the help of Nobi, there seems to be an easy solution to an “age old” problem.

Nobi Models

Three seperate models that work in a range settings and interiors.

Nobi_nobackground (1)


Nobi's attractive and timeless design for living rooms and bedrooms.

Nobi Ceiling

This Nobi lamp is mounted on the ceiling in living rooms and bedrooms.


Nobi's little sister is sleekly designed and hangs in smaller rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Nobi Open API Access

Better care technologies work together, the better they are for care workers and residents/patients. That’s why Nobi makes it easy to link with call systems like Caretronic, Ascom, Essec, Aperi, Televic and 25/8.

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