Nobi Smart Lamp: Modernising Falls Detection

Introducing Nobi, the revolutionary smart lamp that's transforming aged care facilities. Powered by cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and motion sensors, Nobi enhances the safety and well-being of seniors while providing invaluable support for caregivers.

In an era where the ageing population is rapidly growing, a demand for cutting-edge technologies to support elderly care has never seemed more important than today, but with the help of Nobi, there seems to be an easy solution to an “age old” problem.

Introducing the Nobi Smart Lamp, a multi award winning, stylish, smart and innovative solution developed by the team at Nobi. These intelligent lamps are poised to transform the way we monitor and provide care for seniors, offering impressive fall detection and prevention capabilities. Backed by case studies from its country of origin, Belgium, Nobi lamps have emerged as a formidable choice for aged care facilities looking to elevate their standard of care without breaking the bank.

So, how does the smart lamp work?

At the core of the Nobi lamp’s functionality lies its sophisticated artificial intelligence system. Through continuous monitoring of the surrounding environment, the lamp’s AI algorithms analyse movement patterns, swiftly recognising any indicators of a fall incident. This real-time fall detection capability ensures that immediate alerts are sent to caregivers, enabling them to promptly respond and offer the necessary assistance needed. The lamp utilises a powerful Nvidia processor to analyse images locally, deleting them if no fall incident occurs.

In emergency situations, it automatically contacts designated caregivers or trusted individuals via text message and via the Nobi app. Users can also choose a preference level of image visibility for viewing, video can be depicted as unrecognisable stick figures, or live camera views, depending on the level of privacy necessary. 

By reducing the response time to falls, the Nobi lamp plays a strong role in mitigating the potential negative consequences of such incidents, including injuries and prolonged immobility.

Fall detection.

Falls are obviously a significant concern in the elderly community, often resulting in severe and fatal consequences. According to Healthdirect, nearly 1 in 3 older Australians have experienced a fall in the past 12 months, of these, 1 in 5 required hospitalisation. A study also of 125 adults over 65 years found that 50% of those who lay on the floor for more than one hour went on to die within the following six months.

Thanks to Nobis AI technology showcased at a recent pilot project at WZC Gerstjens, 80% more fall incidents were detected in rooms with Nobi lamps installed compared to rooms without. That led to noticing over 40 fall incidents in 15 of the pilot rooms. On average, residents received help within 90 seconds. For some of them, this could have meant the difference between life and death.

Beyond the designed purpose. 

Nobi lamps go beyond fall detection; they proactively work to prevent falls altogether. By providing automatic lighting when residents get out of bed at night, Nobi lamps help caregivers intervene before accidents occur, minimising the risk of falls. Additionally, the lamps generate sleep reports that offer valuable insights into residents’ sleeping patterns, enabling personalised care plans tailored to individual needs. This comprehensive approach to fall prevention and improved sleep quality contributes to overall well-being and happiness for residents.

Did you know?

  • One in three people over age 65 falls at least once a year. The number of falling incidents increases with age.

  • 50% of older people who lie on the floor for over an hour pass away within six months after the fall. Quick assistance is vital. 

  • 95% of independently living older people have an alarm button. But did you know that in 80% of the cases, this button isn’t used? Sometimes the button is unavailable, while other times, it remains unused due to a panic reaction or unconsciousness after a fall.

  • The WHO estimates that annual medical costs linked to falls by those over age 65 will account for $240 billion in 2040.

Our role.

Alpha Global is proud to introduces Nobi smart lamps to the Australian market as a solution that enhances the ability of aged care facilities to provide exceptional care for their residents. With advanced fall detection and prevention capabilities, seamless technological integration, and personalised support features, Nobi lamps are an exceptional tool in the way we approach elderly care.

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