Innovation that is profitable – leverage the power of AI technology to reduce shrinkage, improve consumer experience and security

Whether you manage a big box retail operation or specialist boutique stores, our technology assists to minimise shrinkage and provide real time consumer behaviour analytics.

To offer the very latest in innovation in retail security solutions we have brought together a highly experienced team and partnered with some of the world’s leading technology innovators to develop solutions that are simple, intelligent, and secure.

We can’t promise to solve all your challenges but we can promise that we will use our technology to help you reduce shrinkage as well as identifying opportunities for better merchandising and consumer experience whilst also alleviating trouble spots and resource pressure points in surveillance and risk management.

We make it easy for you to scope requirements, provide clear & transparent pricing, as well as offering an unrivalled RoI.

Once deployed, the solutions allows you and your teams the ability to manage and monitor security and operational effectiveness in a more cohesive and streamlined way both on-site and remotely.


We know the retail sector was already facing challenges pre-COVID-19, in the aftermath let us help you navigate one area to improve your consumer engagement and achieve your business goals by giving you a simple but robust security solution which will suit head office as well as at a retail unit level.


The technology we use not only addresses your security, risk management and operational needs it also enables you to have confidence in the security of the systems and the data within it.


We use our deep and extensive technology expertise to develop and deploy the best solutions to suit your needs. It’s also scalable, so we can start with a trial in one location and then rapidly roll out across multiple outlets.

What it will do

  • Monitor and manage your physical security via a single plane of glass in the cloud
  • Next gen camera hardware for CCTV, access control, alarms, guest registrations
  • Rapid deployment and scale
  • 10 year warranty
  • Deliver RoI due to the licencing model and built0in software upgrades
  • Industry leading AI for proactive security
  • Reduce hardware as there are no servers, it’s cloud based, edge technology

How we do it

We realise that there are so many competing options so let us introduce you to your peers who have already worked with us to share how our technology in its simplicity and smarts gives you one less thing to worry about.

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International retailer rolls out AI monitoring and analytics platform  successfully

“Being able to understand foot traffic has been one of the biggest benefits. Now we can review traffic patterns across all stores to understand high-performing products, store layouts and human behaviour.”  Melissa Cabral-Hale – 
Head of Logistics, Supply Chain & Compliance

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