The Vaping Problem in New Zealand: Alpha Globals Solution

Vaping has emerged as a significant concern in New Zealand, particularly with its youth. In response to this growing problem, educators and public health experts are urging the government to follow Australias lead and ban the sale of vapes across the country. With a new campaign being launched to help connect with the youth, let's discuss the current vaping situation in Aotearoa, along with possible solutions.

Educators and public health experts in New Zealand are urging the government to take a page from Australia’s book and implement stricter vaping laws to tackle what they describe as a growing epidemic among young people. The alarming rise in vaping rates, especially among Māori youth, has raised concerns about the marketing tactics used to target young individuals. In response to this urgent situation, the Protect Your Breath campaign has been launched to raise awareness and empower young people to make informed decisions about vaping. 

Rapid Increase in Youth Vaping

Ministry of Health statistics reveal a significant increase in daily vaping among young New Zealanders aged 15 to 17, rising from 2 percent in 2018-19 to 8 percent in 2021-22. This quadrupling of vaping rates in just three years is a cause for concern. The exponential growth in vaping underscores the urgent need for preventive measures to curb this trend. 

Experts argue that when vaping was introduced as a smoking-cessation tool, its potential impact on young people was not adequately considered. Vaping, often marketed as a helpful tool for smokers looking to quit, has instead led to an increase in young individuals taking up the habit without ever being a smoker previously. Research indicates that vaping can have adverse effects on the developing brain, as well as cardiovascular and respiratory health. The government’s apparent lack of attention to this research is alarming  among NZ health professionals. 

‘Protect Your Breath’ Campaign

Recognising the need for comprehensive action, the Protect Your Breath campaign has been launched to address the vaping epidemic among young people. Developed in collaboration with the Hā Collective of young individuals, the campaign aims to provide judgment-free information and conversations that support self-determination and decision-making among Rangatahi (young people). By empowering young individuals to reflect on their values, culture, strengths, goals, and aspirations, the campaign seeks to build confidence in the choices they make. 

Campaign Objectives: The ‘Protect Your Breath’ campaign focuses on three key objectives: 

1. Building Confidence: Encouraging young people to reflect on their values, culture, strengths, goals, and aspirations, the campaign aims to build confidence in the choices they make regarding vaping.

2. Providing Useful Information: The campaign provides useful information about the impact of vaping without judgment, supporting critical decision-making among young people.

3. Illustrating Roles: The campaign highlights the role that whānau (family) and community play in the decisions young people make and how they feel about themselves. By involving the broader community, the campaign aims to foster a supportive environment for young individuals.

The campaign acknowledges the distrust young people have toward both vaping marketing strategies and traditional ‘quit vape’ campaigns. By avoiding judgment and scare tactics, the campaign seeks to create an authentic connection with young people. It celebrates the things young people care about, their identities, and their language, while delivering easily accessible and shareable information in the places where they spend their time.

The protect Your Breath campaign is just the beginning of a broader effort to combat the vaping epidemic among New Zealand youth. Over the next two years, the campaign will evolve to include immersive in-person experiences, stimulating conversations, and user-generated content. By activating the senses and encouraging critical thinking about the impact of vaping on themselves and their communities, the campaign aims to make a lasting difference in young people’s lives.

Looking Ahead

Addressing the pervasive issue of public vaping or within school grounds requires not only a social solution, but a solution that can monitor and respond to vaping activities as they occur. Alpha Global, in partnership with our suppliers, offers an innovative tool equipped with advanced features and integration capabilities, empowering schools and businesses to tackle this problem head-on. By working collaboratively, our aim is to create a safer and healthier environment for all people across New Zealand.

Vape Detection In Schools

Vape detectors are becoming more common as our vaping problem continues to grow, these detectors are specifically designed to monitor and respond to vaping incidents in various settings, most importantly our schools. 

The vape detectors we supply are designed to monitor and respond to vaping activity in many settings. The detectors can be configured to set up alert thresholds and notify administrators via SMS or email. This means that schools can quickly and efficiently identify instances of vaping and take action to address the issue.  

What sets these vape detectors apart is their ability to integrate with air quality sensors and cameras. This allows schools to monitor high-risk areas like outside bathrooms, locker rooms, and hallways without infringing on students’ privacy. By tracking vaping events over time, schools can identify patterns and develop other effective strategies for addressing the problem


The fight against vaping is finally gaining momentum, and it is important for the New Zealand government, business owners and organisations to take decisive steps to combat this growing problem. 

Alpha Global takes pride in being part of this collective effort to create a safer and healthier environment for the people across New Zealand. With the help of Verkada, and our partners, we can assess your current situation and devise a plan. Following our three step process of Discover, Design & Deploy, we will track and stop vaping at its core, and get life back to feeling like a breath of fresh air.

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