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Nobi Smart Lamp: Modernising Falls Detection

Introducing Nobi, the revolutionary smart lamp that’s transforming aged care facilities. Powered by cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and motion sensors, Nobi enhances the safety and well-being of seniors while providing invaluable support for caregivers.

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The Benefits of Implementing a Nurse Call System.

In the ever-evolving healthcare environment, nurse call systems have emerged as a crucial tool for effective communication and prompt response between staff and patients. These systems significantly enhance patient safety, streamline workflow, and boost workplace efficiency. From improved response times to increased patient satisfaction, effective resource allocation to fall prevention and monitoring, nurse call systems offer a multitude of benefits.

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The Vaping Problem in New Zealand: Alpha Globals Solution

Vaping has emerged as a significant concern in New Zealand, particularly with its youth. In response to this growing problem, educators and public health experts are urging the government to follow Australias lead and ban the sale of vapes across the country. With a new campaign being launched to help connect with the youth, let’s discuss the current vaping situation in Aotearoa, along with possible solutions.

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The Vaping Problem in Australia: Alpha Globals Solution

Vaping has become an increasingly prevalent problem among young people in Australia, with schools often being the primary setting for this activity. To combat this issue, the New South Wales government plans to purchase and install vape detector sensors in school bathrooms across the state. The goal is to eliminate vaping across school campuses indefinitely, but is that possible? Alpha Global, a supplier of vape detectors, believes their innovative technology can help schools effectively monitor and respond to vaping activity while protecting students’ privacy.

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